Domain Name Booking (Optional)

Domain Names : We book the domain names with 3rd party domain sellers. The domain is booked on your name & ownership credentials (Address, Phone Number) have to be provided by you. Login details will be sent once the domain is purchased and configured. You may also register & configure it at your end using our Domain Booking Guide.


Content Inclusion Service (Optional)

A service that can be availed if you want us to include & format the content of your pages. Needs to be paid only for pages selected.

Your Text + Your Images @ $5 per Webpage

Your Text + Your Images + Our Premium Images @ $8 per Webpage

What we do to your content:

  • We analyze your content and formulate the best strategy to present it
  • We SEO your content
  • We add Structured Data for better visibility on search engines

What we do to your images:

  • Caption them as needed
  • Watermark them as needed
  • Name them for better SEO
  • Scale them for various devices
  • Optimize them for fast loading

What you can ask us to include:

  • Image Slideshows
  • User polls
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Plots
  • Quotes

You can use the Captioned Images to promote your website on Social Networks.


Service Request Credits

After completion of the initial website development phase, if you need any modifications down the lane, we do them for a charge. This charge varies according to the nature of modification and is charged in credits (like points). The easier modifications will be charged lesser credits and the complex modifications will be charged more. You will be informed about the number of credits for the specific job prior to making the modifications, work will be fulfilled after you approve.

Credits are deducted only for the additional work that is carried out by us at your "Service Request". Your regular support issues do not fall under this and are NOT charged.

Free Service Request Credits are provided at the start, and also provided upon renewal, every year.

  • 5 Webpages Package : 10 Free Service Request Credits Every Year
  • Unlimited Webpages Package In 10GB Space: 20 Free Service Request Credits Every Year
  • Single Virtual Private Server : 30 Free Service Request Credits Every Year

Beyond the Free Credits, you can buy Credits, currently Paid Credits are priced at "$1 Per Credit".

Note: Unused Free Credits expire after the service year, Paid Credits expire after 3 years. Free Credits cannot be exchanged for money. Paid credits are not refundable. Credits are non-transferable for services towards other websites.

Examples of tasks where Credits are used are:

1) Inclusion of specialized forms with custom fields in any page of your website

2) Inclusion of new menus/items in your website & modification of URL's to SEF URL's

3) Serving different content for different geographic zones, example: serving pricing details in local currency

Service requests are only charged after your website goes live. Service requests credits are NOT deducted during the development phase (before your site goes live) except for specialized forms.

Number of credits used for a specific job vary, example: Inclusion of a form will be charged "2 Credits", whereas serving different content for different geographic zones will use up "4 Credits". The number of Credits needed for a specific job will be communicated to you and work is carried out only after your approval. A Credit Statement will be sent to you at the completion of every job.


Choose A Package



  • Fully CMS Driven
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Premium Template
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Managed Backups
  • Managed Security
  • Speed Optimized

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In 10GB Space

  • Fully CMS Driven
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Premium Template
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Managed Backups
  • Managed Security
  • Speed Optimized

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Private Server

  • All Of The $19 Plan +
  • Host Multiple Websites
  • 20GB Storage For Files
  • Expandable Upto 10TB
  • Dedicated CPU Power
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Memory
  • Choice Of Datacenter

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  • Tailor Made Technology
  • Fully Encrypted Setup
  • Absolute Scalability
  • In The Cloud (or)
  • Choose Your Location
  • For Data Localization
  • Automated Backups
  • Load-Bal & Failovers

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Included : Web Hosting + Template Design + Ready to edit webpages with pre-filled replaceable sample content